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We messed up. Sorry!

Well actually to be more specific I messed up. Hi, this is James Shiner, co-founder and lead developer here at Zipvo. I'm sure you have noticed that September 10th has come and gone and the new Zipvo still hasn't launched. This is my fault, 100%, and I am sorry. Right in the middle of developing the new Zipvo a tragedy struck my family and I had to drop everything. Things are starting to get back to normal and development on Zipvo has started back up again.

That being said, I am not going to announce an official launch date for the new Zipvo yet. I'm working day and night to get it done and when I have a better idea of when it will be ready to launch you will be the first to know!

Again, I am very sorry for the delay and want to thank everyone for your patience. To everyone who has emailed us, called us, and posted on our Facebook page asking when the new Zipvo will go live, thank you for understanding. We're very excited about the new Zipvo and can't wait to show it to you.

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James Shiner